Estonia (2020) documentary TV series

My brother told me it has the qualities of a good thriller and I didn’t need more convincing to subscribe to Disney + and watch all 5 episodes in one sitting. 

It is indeed a blood-chilling story of what has been Europe’s worst peacetime shipping disaster. MS Estonia sank in just under an hour soon after midnight on 28th September 1994 on Baltic international waters. Out of 989 people on board, only 137 survived. 

From the very beginning, the response of the authorities raised suspicion and caused controversy. Filmmakers interview survivors, politicians, and experts to gather new evidence.  Not only do they try to understand what happened during the fatal night but also shed light on shortcomings, and inconsistencies of the official investigation. 

I wouldn’t like to spoil the joy of this fascinating watch so I will just say that it does successfully raise strong doubts about the government’s official stance. Filmmakers Henrik Evertsson and Bendik Mondal try to get to the bottom of it, quite literally. There is no denying that the way the Swedish and Estonian authorities acted during the ‘Estonia crisis’ was completely insane. And what happened afterward was even more startling. 

I watched it on Discovery +.