⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Modern Love (2019)

Amazon surprised me with this heart-warming anthology series based on the long-running New York Times column. Some critics accused Modern Love of being ‘mostly saccharine and straightforward worldview’ but to me, it had everything I would like to see in a modern romance. It’s about heartbreaking relationships and disappointing dating stories, nevertheless still uplifting. It depicts love and relationships in all shapes and forms showing how different the feeling can be for each of us. The episodes, When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist, starring Dev Patel and Hers Was a World of One with Andrew Scott are probably my two favourites. But there isn’t one I didn’t like or there wasn’t something there I couldn’t relate to. 

For some watching all eight episodes in a row could be like eating a whole box of chocolates in one go…vomitously sweet. But there was one evening when I needed to see something mellow and this mini-series proved to be the most comforting food for my soul at that time.

I watched it on Amazon