3 Days with Romy Schneider

It’s a beautifully crafted drama, the more I think about the more I’m filled with a sense of awe. I have known very little about Romy Schneider and her career which ended with her death two years before I was born, in 1982. She was the biggest European film star of her time, crushed by the fame brought to her after the success of Sissi in 1955 when she was merely 17. 3 Days in Quiberon (⭐️⭐️⭐️) in a very unusual way tells the tragic story of her life.

It is set in 1981 in Sofitel Spa in France where Romy, played by Marie Bäumer, takes some time to recuperate and get sober. While she’s there, she agrees to do an interview and a photo shoot with the German magazine Stern. That interview and the relationship she builds with the journalist over this short period of time allows us to learn more about her life than any conventional biopic could potentially tell us. I admire this film for its richness, honesty, and sympathy towards its protagonist. It is a rarity. But as much as I love reading auto/biographies and memoirs, the dramatised film versions always leave me unsatisfied no matter how good they are.

I have googled the Breton seaside resort of Quiberon. It is there, it is real and open. And I’m tempted to go there to see if it is really as beautiful as captured in the film.

I watched it on Amazon.